About Kashi Bright Angel's School

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”

Taking this proclamation as its motto, Kashi Bright Angel Public School was Established in the year 1990.

KBAPS is an English medium, co-educational school with KBAS offer both primary and secondary schooling facilities – pre-nursery to XII. KBAS offers and end –to-end quality schooling solution. The hostel facility starts from class-IVth onwards for boys.

The school provides wholesome amalgam of activities, healthly atmosphere for the development of mind and intellect to match the demand of dynamic society. The aim of the school is to create a spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, a sense of self-discipline, gentle manners and refined tastes.The school is designed to help student to attain their full academic potential and exposes them to equally rich fields of physical and cultural education. We foster and atmosphere in which students are confident to stand on their one feet, make their own decision and reach their own summits.

We want our children to imbibe moral values in life. At present the rapid changes in technology and accelerated pace of privatisation and liberalisation created a new sense of uncertainity about the future of society. Thus education should respond meaningfully and effectively to address the crucial academic burning issues.

Aims and objective

  • To build the present day children into a strong, confident, committed lot, who while having a reverence for India’s rich legacy and heritage are able to successfully cope with the rapidly changing world.
  • To impart quality education of a high standard to all irrespective of caste color or creed.
  • To provide sound training in good leadership, co-operation, team spirit, and to cultivate a humanistic and scientific temper.
  • To give the child and competitive edge for him/her to etch a place for himself in the society.
  • To inspire students to be original and help them nurture their creative potential.

Vision & Mission

Fighting ignorance is our Vision. We wish to impart human value based education coupled with logical thinking for achieving an honest prosperity of mind and matter.

Our mission is Balanced Education based on :

Vasudhaiv - Kutumbkum

i.e. Oneness of God, Oneness of Religion and unity of Mankind with three realities of life i.e. Material, Human and Divine.

These are compelling force that moves one to go from good to better and then better to the best to achieve the quality of life.


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